Summit Tips

Map for Summit (Black Ops Multiplayer Map) At Bottom of This Page

Summit is a very fun Black Ops multiplayer map, as it is one of the smaller maps. It is a great match for team deathmatch, and you will see both sides fighting to take over the compound in the middle of the map. Luckily, we have some multiplayer tips to show for Summit.

Black Ops Multiplayer Tips for Summit:

1. Be very careful about travelling through the center of the map -- it's a conflict hot zone. The compound will be where most of the kills on this map occur.

2. Summit also offers a few great places to hide. You can hide out at the top of the cliffside pathway. Crouch behind the building and watch anyone coming up the cliff. This is safe only if you back is covered (or cover yourself with a mortar). Don't expect it to work more than once, but it can start an early killstreak for you.

3. The eastern path can take you into, above, or around the center compound. Use the variety of routes through this area to avoid and surprise your enemies.

4. The outer catwalk has a clear sight line through the path. WIth a good long-range gun, you can take down enemies crossing the bridge. Just don't hang out for too long, because you make an easy target once they know where you are (get out!).

5. Inside the center compound, you can climb up onto the catwalk from one of the computers, break the glass, and jump outside to the tower just southwest of the marker.

6. Use Spyplane and Counterspyplane to confuse your enemy when they are hiding in the central compound. They won't know you are coming.

7. Lob lethal grenades and gas into the upper room of the compound to shake out your opponent (best Black Ops tip for Summit).