NukeTown Tips

Map for Nuketown (Black Ops Multiplayer Map) At Bottom of This Page

The Nuketown map in Black Ops is a fun way to boost your rank and complete challenges and contracts. Because of Nuketown's small size (when compared to other Black Ops multiplayer maps), the games are quick and fast-paced. A strong vote for favorite Team Deathmatch map because Nuketown never bores.

Black Ops Multiplayer Tips for Nuketown:

1. The center of Nuketown is a warzone...stay away from it if you want to live long in your game. While there is decent amount of coverage, but it truly is a high-risk zone to pass on your way to the other house. Also, avoid hiding behind the cars because they will explode if they take enough fire.

2. The two houses are great places to protect yourself, and teams will fight to hold these spots. Be ready to defend yourself and protect the house with C4 and Mines. The houses provide great elevation to snipe as well as protecting you.

3. Don't hangout too long in the backyards as they are spawn zones and will be a killing field within seconds of starting a Deathmatch game.

4. If you obtain a helicopter killstreak, use it and place it over one of the spawn will rack up kills in no time (due to Nuketown's small size).

Nuketown Conclusions:
-Nuketown's tiny size makes it incredibly unsafe...stay alert & keep moving through the map.
-Don't forget to check the cool nuclear explosion that happens at the end of each match (perhaps the best end sequence in Black Ops).
-Explosives are to be used liberally on this map. Its small size allows you to get a sizeable amount of multikills. At the beginning of the game, pause a little and then throw grenades in the air over the should nab a few enemies.
-Light machine guns (LMG) are perfect for this map as they can mow down multiple enemies like they are nothing. Spray & Pray! 
-If you are going to stay inside and protect the houses, grab a class with a shotgun and hold down the fort.
-Nuketown is one of the few Black Ops maps to offer an amazing RC-XD route. You can pass through gaps in the fences and sneak up on the enemy!